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Your Partner in Product and Market Research Analysis. We provide precise, up-to-date data to refine business strategies and break into new markets, boosting your business to new heights.

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Insights That Elevate Your Product to the Next Level

Our research is your key to a profound market understanding and customer needs.
Precise Customer Understanding
Harnessing detailed data, we uncover the real needs of your customers, elevating your products to new heights.
Attractive Product, Superior UX/UI
We'll enhance your product, making it functional and appealing to users.
Smart Decisions, Less Risk
Our research helps you make data-driven decisions, avoiding costly mistakes.
One Step Ahead of Competitors
By understanding your competitors' strategies, you can stay ahead, training your team in the most effective methods.

We use the best methodologies and practices for your result

Delivering impactful market insights through cutting-edge research approaches.

UX Improvement

Optimize user experience by comprehensively analyzing the customer journey. Enhance customer interaction and interface design to boost satisfaction and engagement.
UX Research
UI Research

Customer Needs

Gain in-depth insights into diverse customer segments to perfectly tailor your market niche. Discover customer desires, address key needs, and solve critical problems, thereby enhancing product value and relevance.
Fundamental Research of Audience Segments
Qualitative Research/СusDev
JTBD Framework
Problem Framework
Coaching Framework

Expert Consultation

Receive tailored solutions and strategic advice for unique business challenges. Benefit from personalized consulting and team training in effective research methodologies.
Training and Practice in Conducting Research
Business Consulting

Competitive Analysis & Skills

Stay ahead with in-depth competitor analysis and expert insights. Understand market competition and gain strategies from industry leaders for an enhanced product offering.
Competitors Analysis
Expert Interviews

Data & Market Analysis

Leverage advanced analytics to deeply understand market dynamics. Make data-driven decisions, stay abreast of trends, and ensure your product meets market demands. Our approach combines quantitative analysis, market and product research, and marketing strategies for actionable insights.
Quantitative Research
Data Analysis
Market Research
Desk Research
Product Research
Marketing Research
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How do we work

Our Process: Agile, Data-Driven, and Globally Informed
Fast Execution
We work in sprints, showing results week by week.
Our recommendations are grounded in robust data analysis, not just feelings or emotions.
Insightful Analysis
We provide comprehensive insights, giving marketing and product teams actionable intelligence.
Global Research Team
Our diverse team, spread across various geographies, brings a nuanced understanding of multiple markets.
Specialized Translators
Our team includes translators who specialize in the research process, ensuring clarity and accuracy.
Collaborative Brainstorming
We actively engage in brainstorming sessions with product and marketing teams as an integral part of our process.

Our clients

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Meet Anna Leshchuk,
Our Visionary Founder & CEO

A proud graduate of Erickson University, she's a seasoned mentor at SoloKumi, an educational program for entrepreneurs.
Anna Leshchuk, a TEDx speaker and Harvard Business School alumna, brings over 15 years of research expertise and 11 years of business coaching experience.
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